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    Tuoba Ye smile, will present how the day is far Ji Hyun, the wind plot. This enclosure Cangwu Yuan; how and buy runescape gold not anywhere to be found way out, cock, meet extended dimension; how is the harvest was completed yielding Linxue Yi and two people together in two appearances palace diversion of events, go through a fair return to the matter of the conquest 1 to.

    Only nine monument Pangu significant, is the world covet the supreme artifact, in order to avoid the word got around, the pack up even greed, so volatile Oare already storm more drama, not to mention being ignored.

    British move, Jiang Ji heard the suspect, who was actually Emperor Xuan Yuan Hong, depart, Da Hai, Jingnu not have, unless they Tuoba Ye several times with the total death, skill connot aspire believe. Even without this new special favor of Shaohao Ren Huangdi, also dumbfounded surprise.

    Gold fell to the ground is even more boisterous ethnic minority officers and men of vibration, secretly whispering, and some come to realize wake up, that is no wonder that just a few years Ji Hyun far larger into the repair and now have the power of God level; some do not uphold the letter. God is still found Tuoba Ye Hong, deliberately sow discord in an attempt pinning today prominent among the men of the tribe Boo.

    Tuoba Ye know on its own face value, skill connot aspire to convince the whole world. Yuan Ji Hyun in order to expose true, only face to face confrontation, do not immediately say, volley explore hand, will plow raised over Spirit, said: "The Yellow Emperor and the Princess's wedding Xiling changed to when?"

    Ling plow down all meridians. Not struggling, gasping grinning: "The Royal Hong Xiaozi, all the world's heroes have been looking for you this evildoer, you would like the kiss of death, when the invasion go? Very good, very good, another on the 7th day of the wedding is the Yellow Emperor, You have seed with me on the Kunlun Mountains on the go! "

    Shaohao muttered: "seven days? Seven days? No wonder my aunt so anxious to kill me. Hey, she is afraid of dark and dreary, it was stirred up her golden sword Fuma's a good thing. Father Jiabeng, if I died, Kunlun Mountains are all attached Xiling
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